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Google’s Cloud Machine Learning service is now in public beta


Google announced a number of updates to its cloud computing services at a small event in San Francisco this morning. These updates touch Google’s machine learning services, as well as its database and analytics services, and include an update to how it supports its users.

The company’s focus today, though, was clearly on machine learning. Google launched the private alpha of its machine learning services a few months ago and today, Google’s infrastructure chief Urs Hoelzle announced that Cloud Machine Learning is now available to all businesses as a public beta.

The service allows you to train machine learning models and promises that you can train models with terabytes of data within only a few hours.

Cloud Machine Learning also now includes two services: the Machine Learning Advanced Solutions Lab that allows Google customers to talk to Google when they run into complex problems, as well as the Cloud Start program that offers workshops for businesses that want to learn about the basics of how they could use machine learning to solve their own problems.

Google is also launching a certification program that is based on Google’s own internal machine learning programs and that will be taught by Google engineers. It’s aimed at Google’s partners, businesses and data scientists.

The idea here is clearly to democratize access to machine learning services. That’s something Google’s competitors like Microsoft and Amazon are also trying to do, of course, but few other companies have the kind of reputation for their machine learning smarts as Google currently has.

“If you use Google ML, even in its beta version, it can deliver incredible value,” Hoelzle said during his keynote this morning. And the company spent much of the morning discussing how its partners like Airbus are using its services to improve their own products already.

Google BigQuery, the company’s fully managed data warehouse, is also getting an update. Users can now use standard SQL queries to analyze their data, for example. In addition, BigQuery is making it easier for businesses to manage access to their data and Google is launching a new flat-rate pricing model that combines support for unlimited queries with set data storage costs.

Besides product updates, though, Google is also now giving its customers better support. The company now gives businesses the option to work with its Customer Reliability Engineering team (a new role in the Cloud Platform group). These Google engineers will work directly with Google’s customers “to share the reliability responsibilities for critical cloud applications.” Google’s engineers actually worked with Niantic to support the company when it launched Pokémon GO.

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Apple’s new ad focuses on background animations for Messages


Apple is releasing a new video advertisement for the iPhone and iOS. Like previous ads, this video shows a stark departure from previous Apple ads. You can feel Tor Myhren’s influence on this ad.

The recently hired VP of Marketing Communications has an impressive background in the advertising industry and is now in charge of Apple’s ads. That’s probably the reason why these ads look more polished and try to tell a story compared to last year’s ads.

Today’s new ad doesn’t show an iPhone until the last seconds. Instead, Apple slowly reveals what happens when you lose a balloon.

At the end, you realize it’s all about the Messages effects in iOS 10. It’s a cute ad and it doesn’t try to sell you a product. It’s more about improving Apple’s branding as iOS 10 is a free download after all.

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Obligatory and higher education paper help in Great Britain


The English education process, initially glance, might seem complicated. Nonetheless, all of the training applications paper help in the UK may be split in line with the level proper training degrees.

Sponsored by the School of Sussex content (one of many major colleges in the united kingdom), 96% of graduates find career within six months of the analysis.

Required education paper help in the UK

  • * Basic education
  • * Secondary education

Great britain 11-year institution training is obligatory for children 5 to 16 years aged. Required education is divided into two periods: extra and primary education, called the Secondary and Principal Schooling. There you are certain to get the British certification paper help of secondary education, GSCE. the right to enroll in the undergraduate system in britain does not be given by the British the GCSE certification. To sign up in a college that is English, you should undergo a training program in high school A-ranges or Basis.


Lydia grabs $7.8 million for its peer-to-peer payment service


French startup Lydia raised $7.8 million (€7 million) from New Alpha AM and Oddo Cie in order to expand to other European countries. The startup lets you easily pay back your friends without any fee using a mobile app — among other things. Think about it as a sort of Venmo for France.

While Lydia has only been available in France, with today’s funding round, the company plans to launch in other European markets. With 500,000 users in France, it’s time to look at other countries.

Lydia plans to launch in the U.K., Germany and Spain during the first half of 2017. Lydia also has some ambitious goals as the startup wants to have 3 million users in two years.

Other startups in other European countries also provide peer-to-peer payment services — for instance, Revolut in the U.K. and Cookies in Germany. So Lydia will have to expand quickly before these local competitors become too ubiquitous.

But Lydia doesn’t plan to stop at geographical expansions. Just a few weeks ago, the company introduced a good old plastic card to pay in millions of retail stores. It’s a regular MasterCard, but you can customize it to your needs in the Lydia app.

Transactions appear instantly, you can block and unblock online payments, foreign payments, ATM withdrawals and more. Similarly, you can set different payment limits and all changes are reflected instantly.

When I talked with Cyril Chiche about this new product feature, he had an interesting take on the future of consumer fintech startups. According to him, all fintech startups start with a simple product and add features that make them compete with all other fintech startups. Eventually, they are all going to recreate all the services you’d expect from a consumer-facing bank — they just had a different starting point.

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Singapore’s Greyloft lands $1.1M to build a real estate agency for the digital era


Singapore-based Greyloft has raised $1.1 million to build out its vision of what a real estate agency should look and function like in today’s digital era.

Wait! Estate agents? Aren’t they the bad actors that spoil things for everyone?

It’s true that many startups attacking the real estate have chosen to disintermediate agents on the premise that their motivations are misaligned with those of the consumers they represent. At their worst, their goal is often to maximize their take-home of a deal, rather than satisfying their client 100 percent. India’s NoBroker, which raised $10 million earlier this year, is probably the best example of that ‘direct-to-consumer’ model.

Greyloft believes that it can solve the problem by bringing agents under its own roof and this seed stage financing, which was provided DSG Consumer Partners, Wavemaker, Cub Capital, Tigris Capital and JFDI, will help it build on its early promise.

The startup was founded last year by ex bankers Siddhesh Narayanan (CEO) and Archit Agarwal (CTO), who explained the vision as more of a ‘real estate 2.0’ than online property portal. In its system, it works with a selection of closely affiliate licensed agents who are incentivized to put the customer first, changing a dynamic that many believe is broken.

Left to right: Greyloft founders Archit Agarwal and Siddhesh Narayanan

Greyloft focuses on two pieces for its business: giving consumers — buyers and sellers — a platform for home rentals and sales, on the other side it generates leads and business for real estate agents.

“We are doing every single thing an estate agency does, but much smarter,” Narayanan said in an interview.

The company aims to attract agents by offering a CRM system that does some obvious things that real estate professionals don’t currently get access to using their existing setups, which are predominantly offline and analog. That includes software that manages multiple deals, transitions clients between colleagues, keeps track of paperwork, and can track client requests, meaning that agencies can take requests months in advanced.

“Once they get used to the backend systems… it allows them to focus on customer service not being a push salesperson as agents are sometimes know for,” Agarwal said.

Narayanan admitted that it is challenging finding the right brokers in Singapore since there is a small pool who are licensed, and Greyloft’s own approach takes some explaining. But, all things considered, the startup’s founders see the right kind of agents as essential to the process.

“Buying property is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make in your life, and rent is also one of the biggest items [of expenditure] out there. You need an expert to advise you,” Narayanan argued.

With its new funding secured, the company is aiming to “step on the peddle a little and get more customers to know us.” That will involve the creation of a dedicated sales team in Singapore and potentially exploring possible overseas expansion plans. Right now, Greyloft outsources its technology in India while it has a customer services team that is based in the Philippines.

Singapore is no easy market to win, however. More establish rivals include iProperty, which was bought by News Corp for over $500 million, PropertyGuru, which raised $129 million in its most recent funding in 2015, while there is also, a startup backed by more than $1.6 million from investors like Facebook co-founde Eduardo Saverin.

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Sign up to volunteer at Disrupt London 2016


Are you interested in rolling up your sleeves and get to work helping the TechCrunch Disrupt team put on the best startup show in Europe? If so, you should definitely sign up to be a Work Exchange Volunteer at Disrupt London 2016.

Applications are now open, and you can submit one here.

Volunteers selected for the Work Exchange program are required to work up to 16 hours during the conference. You’ll be assigned to various tasks, such as assembling the VIP goodie bags, staffing registration and scanning tickets, giving directions and answering attendee questions, moving boxes, placing signage or even helping out with the hackathon presentations.

These things ensure our guests and presenters have an exceptional experience at the show, and we need your help to get it all done.

Work Exchange volunteers must be available for a mandatory orientation training on Friday, December 2 at 4pm at the Copper Box Arena. Volunteers must also be available to work shifts starting that same day after the orientation through to the last day of the conference on December 6. Shifts can start as early as 6 a.m. and end as late as 11 p.m., with each shift lasting anywhere from 2.5 to 8 hours.

In exchange for a little bit of work, volunteers are treated to an all-access pass to Disrupt, so you can take in the show when you’re not on shift. There, you’ll have the opportunity to network with the prominent people and companies attending the show. Plus, you’ll also get to connect and share learnings with other Work Exchange volunteers, creating lasting connections and friendships with like-minded startup enthusiasts.

Those who are accepted into the program are required to cover their own meals, housing and travel expenses. There will likely be some opportunities for Work Exchange volunteers to share rooms, and we’ll send along an invitation to the program’s Slack page to all those selected, so that you can connect with all the other Work Exchange volunteers ahead of time.

You can apply to be a Work Exchange volunteer by filling out this brief form no later than November 15, 2016. We’ll notify those selected into the program via email shortly after applications close, and those selected will need to respond to the email to secure their spot in the program.

Our sponsors help make Disrupt happen. If you are interested in learning more about sponsorship opportunities, please contact our sponsorship team at

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