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Android Wear Gets Speaker Support And New Gestures, Voice Input Options


Google launched an update to Android Wear today that brings a couple of new features to the smartwatch platform.

Maybe the most interesting of these is Android Wear’s ability to use the speakers that are now inside some of the newest watches. If you own a Huawei Watch or an ASUS ZenWatch 2, for example, you’ll now be able to go full Dick Tracy and make and take calls right from your watch. As Google notes, you will also be able to listen to audio and video messages from a number of applications that already support this feature, including Glide (remember Glide?).

unnamed (13)The update also introduces a couple of new wrist gestures. To expand a card, you can now hold your arm in front of you and then quickly push down. To go back, you can hold out your arm and quickly pivot up. To return to the watch face, you shake your wrist out and in a few times. Make sure you’re not in a porcelain store while you try these.

With this update, it’s also easier to messages from apps like Hangouts, Telegram, Viber and WhatsApp with a single voice command. “OK Google, Send a WhatsApp message to Mom: Need money for the stuff I just broke in the porcelain store.”

Overall, none of these new features are massive updates, but especially the new voice commands should make using the platform easier — the wrist gestures, I’m not that sure about yet, but that probably depends on personal preference.

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Concert Subscription Startup Jukely Is Now On Android


Jukely, a monthly concert subscription service, says it’s breaking records and not the vinyl kind. Though it didn’t want to say how many members are currently on the platform, founder Bora Celik did say it would soon be able to get a crowd to fill New York’s Madison Square Garden (capacity for the concert venue is 18,200, for reference).

That growth also means adding in new platforms like Android. Fans are finally able to book concerts on Jukely for Android starting today.

Android gifThe service is already on the web and iOS, but Android was something those on Jukely had asked for some time.

Jukely launched out of the Techstars NYC 2013 accelerator program as a sort of matchmaker for music lovers. Those into new and unique bands could go on the site and find those with similar tastes to go to concerts with.

The Unlimited subscription service was introduced not long after. This plan lets music lovers choose an unlimited amount of concerts from local and indie bands in their city for $25 a month (or what you’d normally spend on one small, unknown band and a beer).

Unlimited proved to be popular among users. “People tell me they would not have gone to these concerts before,” Celik told me over the phone from his New York office.

Jukely also offers “Members only” shows with some of the bigger artists and to date the startup says it has partnered with more than 900 venues to bring experiences to its subscribers.

Android will likely add to the member growth and usage. Members will now be able to claim a spot at the concert they want to go to through the website, iOS and now the Android app. Celik estimated over half of Jukely users were on the Android platform.

Jukely is available in 15 cities across the U.S. as well as in London and Toronto.

Featured Image: Yulia Grigoryeva/Shutterstock

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Jolla Confirms The Sailfish Tablet Is Dead


Hardware is always hard. But if you’re playing at the margins of a mobile ecosystem dominated by Android and iOS, well, it’s best described as a bloodbath. To wit: Finland’s Jolla, which makes its own mobile OS Sailfish and — previously — its own mobile devices too, has confirmed that its crowdfunded tablet is being canned.

The Jolla Tablet project started as an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, back in November 2014, which went on to raise more than $2.5 million from some 21,600 backers. The overly optimistic estimated shipping schedule for the slate was the following year. Instead, Jolla was showing off unreleased hardware at the MWC trade show last spring — where TechCrunch got hands on. And backers were left waiting for the rest of 2015.

Writing in a blog update on the tablet late last week, Jolla co-founder and chairman Antti Saarnio confirmed that only a very small number of backers will now get a tablet (540 units will ship, starting from February). He said the rest of the backers will get a refund — although this process may take up to a year.

“Jolla aims to refund the total contribution, including shipping and all accessories. Due to the financial constraints this will happen in two parts: half of the refund will be done during Q1/2016, and the other half within a year, our financial situation permitting,” he writes.

Last November Jolla was forced to cut half its staff and restructure its debts after failing to secure new funding to continue operating the business. And although it subsequently closed a Series C  the damage to supply chain relationships had evidently already been done.

So while, last November, Saarnio was still suggesting there would not be “a huge impact” on shipping the tablet if Jolla went on to secure its finances before the end of the year, by December he admitted it was considering its options — including canceling the tablet.

“This is a quite challenging situation because it’s not linear what is the harm done on the tablet program,” he told TechCrunch at the time. “It’s something that if you delay or stop working with your production partner for a couple of months it basically means that it’s difficult to [re]start the process as well.”

“Due to the delays in the latest financing round it has simply become too late to produce all the tablets for the project. The supplier no longer has the needed components and many of them are no longer available. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done now to change this,” writes Saarnio now.

So chalk up another tale of failed crowdfunding, and a salutary lesson that when it comes to hardware crowdfunding expecting delays (at the very least) is always wise.

At least Jolla is being thorough in its communications, with an updated FAQ on its blog answering backers’ questions.

One of these questions asks what the future of its Sailfish alternative mobile OS looks like. Jolla says it has been able to continue development after receiving its Series C funding in December, but it also notes finances remain tight at this point. So there’s little doubt that Jolla still has tough times ahead of it.

“We are currently receiving significant interest from different mobile industry players to license the operating system. One of the publicly announced projects is the community driven Fairphone project, but there are many other negotiations going on and Sailfish OS is gradually taking steps to become an OS used by multiple device vendors. However, Jolla is still very tight financially and is currently negotiating with its creditors for extended payment terms so that all the available financial resources could be efficiently used to secure the needed OS development.”

(You can read more about the Jolla-Fairphone community project here.)

Last summer Jolla was already seeming to pivot away from hardware, announcing it would split into two with its first order of business being software — and a vague plan to create a second business to build hardware. That business has yet to materialize — unsurprisingly so, given Jolla’s financial difficulties. The failure of the Jolla tablet is likely the last nail in the coffin for its own-brand devices.

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Firefox 44 Launches With Support For Push Notifications


Mozilla today launched the latest update to its Firefox browser for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. The highlight of this release cycle is the addition of web-based push notifications to its desktop browser.

Firefox already supported a different type of web notifications before, but to see those, you had to have a site open at all times. These new push notifications — which will look just like native notifications — work more like mobile notifications. They’re opt-in and you’ll be able to manage them in Firefox’s Control Center.

As Mozilla rightly notes, this feature is especially useful for “websites like email, weather, social networks and shopping, which you might check frequently for updates.”

It’s worth noting that Google already implemented these notifications last year and Facebook, for example, quickly adopted it.

If you’re a developer and want to get started with push notifications in Firefox, Mozilla also today posted a more detailed breakdown of how to implement this.

While this improved push notifications support is clearly the most visible feature in this release, the team also made a number of other changes to the browser — and especially to the built-in developer tools. You can find the full release notes for the desktop version here and the Android notes are here.

Featured Image: Areta do Bem/Flickr UNDER A CC BY 2.0 LICENSE

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