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T-Mobile’s 7th “Uncarrier” Announcement Will Happen On September 10th


It’s that time again! T-Mobile is prepping to make yet another announcement in their “Uncarrier” series, just a few weeks after the last one.

The company has just sent out invites for their seventh “Uncarrier” event, each of which has been intended to shake up some industry practice or another and coax potential customers into hopping on the T-Mo train by fixing some pain point. This next event will happen on September 10th at 1PM pacific.

All we know so far: the event’s tagline is “This time it’s personal”, and the event itself is taking place in one of T-Mobile’s own stores (as opposed to something like a theater or concert venue, where these things normally take place.)

These events are getting a bit hard to keep track of at this point, so here’s the “Uncarrier” history so far:

Uncarrier 1: T-Mobile launches its 4G LTE network, ditches annual service contracts
Uncarrier 2: T-Mobile expands their upgrade program to allow customers to upgrade their phones twice a year
Uncarrier 3: T-Mobile makes international data/texting free
Uncarrier 4: T-Mobile announces they’ll cover early termination fees for anyone willing to switch to their network
Uncarrier 5: T-Mobile starts a “Test Drive” program to loan potential customers an iPhone 5S for 7 days
Uncarrier 6: T-Mobile stops counting data used in select music apps against your monthly limits

In other news, September 10th is also my birthday. Maybe T-Mobile is just throwing me a birthday party. That’d be cool.

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CrunchWeek: Twitch’s $1B Sale, Snapchat’s $10B Valuation, Uber’s Operation SLOG


You can tell when summer is coming to an end: The weather turns cooler, the days run shorter, and tech news starts to pick up the pace. This week was a great example of the news cycle perking up as we head into fall, giving us a few big stories to talk about for our weekly CrunchWeek show.

Ryan Lawler, Alex Wilhelm, and I got together to talk about Twitch’s $1 billion sale to Amazon, Snapchat’s latest funding round that gives the company a whopping $10 billion valuation, and the latest in the epic battle between Uber and Lyft, the news of Uber’s Operation SLOG driver recruitment strategy.

You’ll also notice we have beers in hand. This is to toast to the last episode of CrunchWeek I’ll be hosting for a few months here, as I’m heading out for a three month leave from day-to-day reporting to concentrate on a book I’m writing. I’ll be back at TechCrunch, and the CrunchWeek roundtable, in December!

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YC’s BillForward Wants To Change The Way You’re Charged For Subscriptions


Amazon Prime, Netflix, utilities, the New York Times, HBO Go, the gym…

When you stop and think about all the subscriptions you have, the list probably is a bit longer than you thought.

But even as more subscription services become available, from ride shares to make up kits, it seems companies still offer customers limited subscription options due to constraints with their billing systems. Subscriptions rarely take into account how much you actually use them (If they did, most of us would probably be paying a lot more for Netlfix and a lot less for the gym).

Calling themselves “Stripe for subscription billing,” BillForward helps companies create customized billing services. BillForward CEO and co-founder Mark Parry said current subscription billing service software is outdated or difficult to use, and its time consuming and costly for companies to build their own.

The service allows companies to charge fixed subscription rates, but it can also introduce other variables such as usage or take account days like holidays that might not require charges. A good example of a company already implementing BillForward is Y Combinator’s LivBlends, the company that made a Keurig-like machine for smoothies and delivers them to businesses in bulk at the same time every week.

LivBlend’s ordering page is powered through BillForward. On the website, users can choose what days they want the smoothies delivered, how many they want, what size and what flavors. BillForward then charges a subscription rate, taking into account holidays such as Labor Day that may affect how many smoothies the company orders.

Parry said with existing subscription models, most small companies would only offer consumers a few different options. With BillForward, the pricing and choices can be much more customized.

BillForward isn’t the first subscription billing solution. Zuora offers software for companies ranging from startups to high volume multi-divisional enterprises. Recurly also provides a recurring billing platform. But the founders say they’re already seeing businesses using these companies express interest in switching to BillForward.

Ian Saunders, the BillForward CTO and co-founder, said installation of the BillForward API is fast and never takes more than a few days, even when it is customized.

The service also gives businesses analytics tools so they can easily check their revenue and growth. Parry said companies using the service have already seen increased revenue-by-average-user by 10%.

Right now BillForward is focused on small startups that generate about $25 million in revenue. But the company has grown rapidly since joining Y Combinator, and gained about 120 new businesses in the past few weeks. Parry said he expects the company to accommodate much larger businesses in the coming month.

Parry and Saunders founded the company with Aubone Tennant began BillForward about 18 months ago in London. In December the team began looking to expand its offices to Silicon Valley. They opened their second office in San Francisco in early 2014, and then started with Y Combinator in the spring.

Parry again and again had one word to describe the Y Combinator program — “fantastic.”

“Having gone through the process, I would recommend it to anyone considering,” Parry said. “Some people are concerned about the 7 percent equity, but it’s worth 14 percent.”

And it makes sense that a company for companies would feel that way. Just as Stripe benefited from other Y Combinator companies using its technology as they scaled up, so will BillForward. In addition to LivBlends, Several companies from this YC batch are already on board, including Roost and Front.

After presenting earlier this month at YC Demo Day, BillForward is raising a seed round.



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Nintendo Announces The “New Nintendo 3DS”


First released in 2011, the Nintendo 3DS has been re-released both as the bigger 3DS XL and as the the cheaper, kid-friendly 2DS. In today’s “Nintendo Direct” video update, Nintendo announced the “New Nintendo 3DS,” an update to the platform that’s somewhere between a minor update and a full-fledged follow-up.

The most obvious changes are immediately visible on the outside of the device. The face buttons — A, B, X, and Y — are colored in a pattern similar to those on the classic SNES console. Instead of one button on each shoulder of the device, there are now two. If you look just above the face buttons, there’s now a second analog nub.

Looking deeper, Nintendo says that the console will have a faster processor and more RAM. That means the device can offer better visuals than before, letting developers bring over experiences closer to what they offer on Nintendo’s Wii U (the fact that it now offers a control scheme that’s almost exactly the same helps too). Unfortunately, that also means that games built specifically for the New Nintendo 3DS (like an upcoming port of the cult-hit RPG Xenoblade Chronicles) won’t be backwards compatible with older models.

Nintendo also packed NFC into the device so that it can be used with Nintendo’s Skylander-like Amiibo figurines. Super Smash Bros., one of the first games Nintendo showed with Amiibo support built-in, comes out in October, so it’s probably no coincidence that the New Nintendo 3DS comes out in Japan October 11. Unfortunately, there’s no word from Nintendo on the release date here in North America or in Europe.

The New Nintendo 3DS will come in two sizes, one roughly the same size as the original 3DS and another that’s roughly the same size as the 3DS XL (though each will have a bigger screen than either of those previous models). Speaking of the screen, Nintendo claims that it’s finally fixed one of the biggest issues with its 3D implementation: if you didn’t look at it head on, it was a blurry mess. Now, the device uses the front-facing camera and gyroscopes to “aim” the 3D effect at your eyes, like a cheap version of the Amazon Fire Phone’s Dynamic Perspective feature.

While it’s nice to see a Nintendo release a faster version of its popular console with better controls, I can’t help be confused by how Nintendo chose to announce it. The New Nintendo 3DS is backwards compatible with older 3DS games,  but it will also have its own exclusive titles. Is it supposed to be its own, new device, or not? If it is, I worry that Nintendo is shooting itself in the foot by not coming out with a bigger bang and a new name. This new device is an even smaller incremental jump than from the Wii to the Wii U, and anecdotally, most people I’ve asked over the last few years didn’t realize that those are two different systems.


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An Interview With Max Gurvits, Boy VC


Max Gurvits is an investor. Based in Bulgaria, the peripatetic VC is almost everywhere, showing up at events around the world and scouting out some amazing ideas. I talked to him about how he became a VC at a comparatively young age and what it takes to make it in investing for our back to school series.

TC: You’re pretty young (comparatively). How did you start?

Gurvits: I co-founded an online legal services company in Holland, made a small exit in 2011, moved to Bulgaria to found my next company, instead got involved in setting up an EU-backed accelerator (Eleven), then moved out to do personal investments, and ended up raising a private fund for regional post-traction companies (Teres Capital).

I’m 30, still a year older than Sam Altman.

TC: What did you study?

MG: I studied law in Holland, did scholarships at UW-Madison Law School and at Bologna University.

TC: Can students be good entrepreneurs?

MG: Students often make good founders because they’re usually too inexperienced to know better. One of my best stories is a 16-year old from a small town in rural Bulgaria, who got into YC (W14), becoming the youngest founder ever in that program. He’s a Thiel fellow now and will be launching a new iOS e-mail client this September (let me know if you want the scoop on that).

The younger the founders, the better they seem at doing really big stuff, and not “just” unlocking another cloud B2B vertical or another connected hardware thing.

TC: Sure. Give us the school. What do you look for in terms of investments?

MG: I always look out for the combination of boldness / big ideas, and the maturity to play nice and keep ego in check.

TC: What are you doing now? Why did you focus on Europe in general and Central Europe in particular?

MG: I’m currently working to close our fund, continuing with pre-fund angel syndications (we already did four, including, and numbers 5 and 6 are coming up). Apart from this, I’m consulting a number of CEE angel networks, accelerators, and organizing my #FTW startup events.

I honestly believe CEE is the next big thing. Once the hype and EU-funded nitwits are passé, we’ll see a surge of serious activity, focusing on extremely good local conditions for building global stuff. This will come from increased local founder experience and the transformation of outsourcing capacity towards products.

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