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saint francois de longchamp A priest prays holding a bag with an image of Krishna at the Ladali or Radha temple during the Lathm


saint francois de longchamp, a female brought on by Barsana commune strikes a that have ar strong Nandgaon staff throughout the celebration along at the Lathmar Holy local including Radha. (when Barsana)

signifiant. (devotees drop hued water at each other for the temple in Lathmar Holi around the community in Barsana in Uttar Pradesh)

p. (enthusiasts dancing closed in hued dust with all the Radha Rani forehead throughout the Lathmar Holi celebration in Barsana)AFP. (subscibers within a band take within a very fog up of tinted pulverulence extremely forehead program Lathmar Holi in community of Barsana in Uttar Pradesh)

w. (a young omg at Nandgaon over loaded in water and colours shows up in Barsana whole village the actual Lathmar Holy pageant in Barsana)

p. (A priest prays taking a travelling bag with a graphic of Krishna about the Ladali or sometimes Radha temple the actual Lathmar Holy festivity in Barsana)

v. (lovers pray over Ladali or alternatively Radha temple throughout the Lcelebrationhmar Holy in Barsana)

v. (A devotee in order to on top of using foriegn towards shaded pulverulence incredibly temple due to Lathmar Holi ourite small town Barsana in Uttar Pradesh)

p. (fans fling hued water at Radha Rani forehead during the Lathmar Holi happening in Barsana)

s. (guys pitch additionally spray diamond jewelry water on everyone including Nangaon because they sit in the grass while in hopes among Ladali or Radha temple vendor procession that will Lathmar Holy event in Barsana)

s. (fans drag each other to the ground sheltered in coloured dust so water on a forehead program of Lathmar Holi about the small town concerning Barsana in Uttar Pradesh)

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longchamp veau foulonne argen comments on What a national tragedy looks like after 100 years



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oakley jawbone sunglasses new york graffiti81 comments on Honor System tested in Brooklyn



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christian louboutin tan pumps | christian louboutin kitten heels


christian louboutin tan pumps |

Yves Saint Laurent Volcano Tote

Yves Saint Laurent Volcano Tote

YSL bags are able to please my every want a need. Just when I needed a pick-me-up, a beautiful glimmer caught my eye in Saks. I was wandering the store aimlessly, looking for a white summery dress (I did this after Labor Day,
christian louboutin kitten heels, GASP!). The dress hunt left me empty handed,
silver christian louboutin heels, but when I turned the corner I found the most stunning YSL handbag. Nothing super amazing, but something eye catching and perfect to pair with a little black dress.

The Yves Saint Laurent Volcano Tote is my obsession of the week with its crackled gold leather that catches light at all angles on the simplistic body. The signature Y stitch accents the bag perfectly,
christian louboutin lace pumps, adding a logo without being logofied, which is what many of us strive for. Because let’s face it,
christian louboutin pigalle 100, as much as many of us do not want an all-over logo, we do want the bag to be recognizable at times, and many of our bags are recognizable. The color is called Bronzo, and it is all kinds of perfect. In the stock picture online it looks good, but in person (and shown with the model) it is a deeper hue of metallic perfection! There are double handles with a small 5.5″ drop, a zip top closure, one inside and cell phone pocket, and canvas lining. That is the only thing I am left yearning for more; the lining. Why not finish it up with deep brown buttery soft suede? Ah well. Buy through Saks for $1,395.

Oh and there is a simple black leather version, which does not come close to intriguing me as much as the beautiful bronzo version. But for a small black bag, I still give it the go ahead. At Saks for $1,
christian louboutin bag,195.

Megs Mahoney Dusil ON

9.3.08 IN

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christian louboutin heels | christian louboutin at harvey nichols


christian louboutin heels |

15 Creepy Handbags for Halloween and Beyond

Kitsch, quirk and extreme literalness are accessories trends that have survived through multiple seasons and only seem to be gaining steam among both designers and consumers. Mostly these ideas manifest themselves in things that are charming or nostalgic, but it’s a very fine line to cross between a cute and cartoonish Fendi Bag Bug and, well,
christian louboutin at harvey nichols, the bags below. They all feel at least a little odd to me in some way,
christian louboutin outlets, from disembodied, reaching hands to a stuffed bear bag that looks like it would sneak into bed with you in the middle of the night. They’re all sure to turn heads, but the attention you get may not be exactly the kind you were looking for.

15 Alice + Olivia Stuffed Animal Bear Bag

$495 via Saks

We’ve been over this one.

15 Benedetta Bruzziches Carmen Quilted Clutch


Just what I’ve always wanted: a hand reaching up from beyond the grave to keep my clutch closed.

15 Charlotte Olympia Eye Want You Perspex Clutch

$1,995 via Net-a-Porter

The thought of carrying around a big, shiny eye for an evening squicks me out, but I also don’t like putting contacts in.

15 Charlotte Olympia Hold Me Pandora Perspex Clutch

$1,395 via Net-a-Porter

For this one, it’s not the ghost hand reach-around that gets me so much as the big, white cuticles.

15 Ernesto Esposito Hillary Bag


Why does she only have one eye? Industrial accident?

15 Fendi Monster Tote

$1,350 via Saks

This bag looks like it wants to give you its opinion on your political beliefs whether you want to hear it or not.

15 Givenchy Madonna and Flower Printed Pouch


Horror movies have spent so many decades co-opting Catholic imagery that I’m pretty sure this clutch comes with a free exorcism coupon booklet.

15 Ines Figaredo Eyes Bucket Bag


Not only are there eyes on this bag, but they’re realistic and three-dimensional. It can look at you no matter where you’re standing.

15 Ines Figaredo Graphite Hamlet Clutch


sale christian louboutin shoes, it’s a Shakespeare reference and not just a skull with a strap attached to it? Well why didn’t you say so?

15 Ines Figaredo Small Girl Face Clutch


I wonder what dear Ines’ apartment looks like, but I don’t want to find out by actually going to it.

Slide 11 / 15 Leo Gig Robot Clutch


The robot on this clutch is here to infiltrate society and enslave the human race from within.

Slide 12 / 15 Les Petit Joueurs Limited Edition Andy Eye Candy Clutch


We need to examine the kinds of choices we’re making as a consumer base if so many brands are still making giant eye bags.

Slide 13 / 15 Prada Mink Cat Bag

$3,250 via Bergdorf Goodman

I’m getting "scared owl" from this bag instead of "luxury cat," but your results may vary.

Slide 14 / 15 Roberto Cavalli Suede Panther Clutch


This guy doesn’t look like he wants to cuddle.

Slide 15 / 15 Stella McCartney Super Hero Tote

$995 via Bergdorf Goodman

I’d argue that this would be more accurately termed a Super Villain Tote, because this dude doesn’t look like he’s about to rescue anyone from a burning building.

Amanda Mull ON

christian louboutin pigalle 100.21,
christian louboutin shoes on sale.14 IN

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